Thursday, February 10, 2011

your 2011 Atlanta Braves

So this is my first blog...ever, I figured if over qualified non sports enthusiast could write crap, and have it posted all over the internet I could at least try and write something equivalent and see how it goes over. So my first topic will be the 2011 Atlanta Braves.

My projected lineup
1. Jordan Schafer-CF
2. Martin Prado-LF
3. Chipper Jones-3B
4. Brian McCann-C
5. Jason Heyward-RF
6. Dan Uggla-2B
7.Alex Gonalez-SS
8.Freddie Freeman-1B
9. Pitcher

Yes, I have Jordan Schafer starting center field and also leading off, he has had a bit of trouble over the past couple of years with links to HGH, and injuries, I believe Mcclouth starts  center at the beginning  of spring training but loses the starting spot to Schafer.
 Yes Freddie Freeman is batting 8th but eigth is just the second cleanup spot, but it all seriousness I beleive he fits there he has guys that will get on base and he'll have the chance to hit them in, no not much protection with the pitcher hitting after him, but this way the 2011 ROY will have a chance to prove himself early.

This lineup is solid from 1-8 especially with Hinske, McClouth coming of the bench.
projected starting pitching rotation
1.Tim Hudson
2.Tommy Hanson
3.Derek Lowe
4.Jair Jurrjens
5. Mike Minor
Closer-Craig Krimble

I think Freddie moves Tommy up to the second spot, and he has a break out year, honestly he had an amazing second half last season, although his record did not indicate it, he never got enough run support, with the new line up I think he will win 15-20 games if he pitches the way he did last year.

BOLD PREDICTION-yes I typed it in bold, I just saw that to be very fitting,
If it weren't for the pitching staff of the Phillies I would say the Braves would be a shoe in for the winner of the N.L East, I beleive the Phillies and Braves will be neck and neck all year long, but with the Braves winning the East by 1 Game and the Phillies will be the wild card team.

Let me know what you think.